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People nowadays live in the so-called informational age. This age began with the development of the Internet and the World Wide Web which were the things that united the whole world and made it a better living place in a way. Now you can get all kinds of work done online without actually leaving the comfort of your home. You can pay bills online, you can book tickets online, you can be present virtually in office without ever leaving home, and you can play games against your friends in other locations in real time online. With so many possibilities open to you, why not make the best use of online resources for entertainment too?! There is no lack of titles available, and whether you are looking for old films or new ones, you will have limitless choices! Even rare old films that you might never get a chance to view otherwise will be available.

A guide on how to watch movies online
All available titles will be comprehensively organized into a digital media library, and you can choose from thousands of free titles and pay per view titles too. Another huge advantage that you can benefit from is the fact that even old and rare films will be made available after they are digitally restored, so you can watch them in better than original quality too!

Because the digital media libraries available online are very well organized, you will find that you spend very little time searching for the title you want. It is far easier than actually browsing a movie rental library and trying to locate a specific title. These virtual movie libraries are regularly and automatically updated, so finding what you need is extremely easy.

Benefits of watching movies online

Legal to download
This is a huge advantage, because that means you can watch the movies even when you are not at home or on your computer. Also, you should be able to download each movie at no extra cost, although this may depend on the type of membership you paid for. However, this is a better deal than waiting for a movie’s DVD to be released and purchasing it from the store.

Watching the movie from anywhere
There’s one thing I hate about watching movies in cinemas, and that is not being able to get good seats. If the movie is hot, and you were not one of the early birds to buy the tickets, you may be left with really horrible sitting locations in the cinema, and that can leave you with a sore neck at the end of the movie. However, this limitation is removed when you choose to watch movies via the online portal such as on shomi.

When you can so conveniently watch movies online, why not make the best of it? With a little effort and a small investment in a good surround sound system or home theater system, you can bring the cinema home! You can view any film you want in high definition with surround sound and at any time and place you prefer! We are lucky to live in these good times when the internet has made life a lot less complicated in many ways. Whether you are looking for information or entertainment, you can make the best of the World Wide Web! The sheer range of film titles available and the ease with which you can subscribe or open an account with online movie websites makes this an even more attractive option!

Streaming Movies Online: What you need to know

Whta to know about streaming movies online

Stream movies online enables you to watch films and TV online as quickly as possible. You need not to download the content but you just need to play it live on your device such as a laptop or an iPad through your network connection. Streaming gives you instant access to a huge catalogue of films as well as TV series. A good example of where you can stream movies is on Netflix . People who normally watch lots of new releases stand a better chance of renting good old fashioned DVDs. It is important to note that streaming movies online is greatly quicker and more effective than renting DVDs by post and it is much more inexpensive too. Many people currently go for stream movies online thus the need to make some improvement to your internet set-up, router settings and computer usage in order to minimize what usually slows down the process of streaming.

  • Using Ethernet to get a computer online. Usually, wired connection is faster than WiFi and by connecting your device to the router with an Ethernet cable enables you to realize some improvements. Note that this option is not available for mobile devices.
  • Move closer to your WiFi signal. With no Ethernet, you can still use WiFi signal because this is much faster than a standard phone data-connection. You may purchase a WiFi extender used for boosting the signal across your home.
  • Shut down any competing devices. It is good to turn off any other devices that use the same internet connection. If the work together simultaneously, they can slow down a video stream considerably.
  • Contact your internet service provider. Make sure you ask them to analyze your connection for any potential problem that might slow down the process. You may also upgrade your internet service package for efficiency and effectiveness.

Alternatively, you may improve you streaming by closing down all the programs that you are not using. Other intensive and extensive applications on your computer or mobile device may prevent faster streaming. You can further investigate the memory use of your computer. Follow the right procedure on how to diagnose the issue and decide which one to close carefully. Ensure you get rid of any virus. Some viruses are intimidating and disgusting and can force your computer to use its processing power for another person. Make sure you download and install antivirus software to get rid of it. Scan your computer for viruses using that software as well for further protection. Make sure you also disable hardware acceleration on older computers. This will allow your video-playback application to set the resource requirements quickly instead of using the normal computer’s predefined settings.

Steaming movies online can be a frustrating experience if not handle carefully. One of the key things to stress-free streaming is making sure that the infrastructure of your home network is up to the task. This involves picking your plan, having your data caps in place, internet bandwidth, the gear and wiring it up. Note that upgrading your network to accommodate the streaming involves some costs that results to some benefits but the investment have to pay-off in the long run.


Why Are we Addicted to Watching Movies and TV Shows

For some reason or another, we all have this common interest in TV shows and Movies. Whether its cuddling up next to your significant other on a rainy day, or just plan binge watching a while series in one sitting, for one reason or another we just love it. I mean who wouldn’t love it, you get to sit back, turn your brain off and just relax with your feet up, while enjoying your favorite snack. I don’t care how productive you are, or how energetic you are, putting your feet up for a terrific movie is good no matter what. However, what is it that makes us so enticed by these films, where we forget about all our worries and just fall deep within the plot.

One response would be that humans are intrinsically empathetic, meaning they can experience the same feeling others are feeling by just viewing there state or actions. For example if you see someone stub there toe, u might get a quick jolt come across your face. as if you are experiencing that same pain. This empathy comes true for movies and TV shows as well. We can almost identify with the character what they are experiencing, as if we are part of the plot.


When it is summed up that way, no wonder we take such enjoyment watching Films. I mean who wouldn’t want to be Luke Skywalker in star wars, or Indiana Jones. Sure our real lives can sometimes be exciting, but I don’t see nay of us running around with light sabers and utilizing the force to throw our enemies around the room like rag dolls. For this reason it makes perfect sense why we enjoy watching movies and TV shows. Not to mention I have not even gotten into the best part, which is vegging out and opening up that favorite snack, whether your a junk fanatic, or a health guru, everyone has that special snack that they enjoy in front of the TV.

Do you know whats even better news, you can literally watch any tv show or movie on command at the click of a mouse, or touch of a button on a remote. We have reached the age where we can watch any movie we want at any time. There was a point where people had to go out to rent a tape, or wait for a certain hour for they’re favorite TV show to air, but now we can literally play it at any time online. One streaming platform that allows us to watch movies online is Movie2k. This is the best online service to watch movies and TV Shows online. Movie2k was built to allow users to watch any new box office movie, movies in theaters, TV Shows that just aired, and any classics you might want to watch. It is considered the best online service to watch movies. It essentially acts as an online directory that organizes movie files so that users and be outbound linked to a file sharing site that hosts the movie in HD quality. You can also plug your Laptop in to your Big Screen LED TV. Which means more convenience to veg out and put the feet up. If we were not addicted to movies and TV shows before, we certainly will be now, with he endless supply of content at our fingertips. I hope we can keep a balance though, and still have productive and active life styles out side our addiction to movies and TV Series. As the great Oscar Wilde has stated  “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

The extinction of Satellite and Cable TV



Have you ever gotten home from a long day and just feel like sitting on the couch and turning on the TV, but you cant find anything good to watch on cable or satellite?

This happens to all of us, and its really a shame. But the good news is that we have the technology to watch any tv show, any movie, any time. The old days of cable and satteite are over, and there is a new era dawning upon us, the era of streaming movies and tv shows. We see this every day with big names such as Netflix, HULO Amazon Prime, Crave TV and many other main stream sources.  These services are becoming better every day, with up to date content, exclusive TV series such as house of cards on Netflix and many other exciting features, and this is only the beginning.

We have already viewed the first on set of this as chains of renting movies have basically evaporated. Blockbuster is no more, and the reason for it is these online services. Its only a matter of time until cable tv and satellite meat the same fate. Of course, there is always the chance that these huge satellite providers and networks adapt to this new era and either partner up with the likes of Netflix, HULU, or create there own offerings. Whatever the case, I am sure we are in store for some huge developments in the coming years.

Another market for these online TV shows, are pirated content, where you can watch anything, and I mean anything online for free. It is not a mainstream product like CraveTV, Netflix etc… but it is extremely popular, and best of all free. Some of the larger sites that offer this service include Primewire.ag, Movie4k.to and the list goes on and on. Although this content is not exactly legal, the site providing the directory for the content are, as they do not host the content on their site, they simply link you to the sites that do.

It is an exciting era, with new technology, and companies need to continue to adapt if they want to survive in this global market of fast paced change.

List of our Favourite movies to stream online

Here is a list of our favorite movies to watch online. I hope you enjoy the list, and feel free to watch any of the movie on youtubeonfire


  • Spy
  • Poltergeist
  • Entourage
  • Cop Car
  • Unexpected
  • The Martian
  • Sicario
  • Attack on Titan
  • Hotel transulvania
  • Black Mass
  • The Visit
  • The intern

You should check out all of these films, as they are all box office hits, exciting to watch, and have received great ratings from critics.

You can view all of these films online very easily with the techniques we have already listed above. Its very exciting that all of these films are available at the click of a button. Great news is, if you want to see any of these movies on the big screen, then you can always head over to your local theater as most of these films are still playing. We would love to hear back from our users as to what they’re top movies are, please leave a comment in the comment section below as we would be happy to find the best sites to watch these movies.

We would also like to hear from any viewers about their experience of watching movies online. Do you enjoy it, is it the same feel as watching a movie in the theater. Do you have any recommended sites to watch these films etc…

We love our community, and enjoy conversing with all of our guests, so please feel free to contact us using our contact form as well.


List of Top Movies to Watch in 2015

Here is a video that depicts the top movies that appeared in 2015. The list include the following:

1) Mad Max: Fury road 2) Kingsman 3) Antman 4) Ex Machina 5) Avengers: Age of Ultron 6) Selma 7) American Sniper 8) Inherent Vice 9) Jurassic World 10) Slow West

The best part is that all of these movies are available to watch online on movietube. Enjoy all the movies that you want instantly, and for free!